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Take a Guided Horse or Wagon Tour in Big Bend Country

A Once In A Lifetime Adventure
Into The Frontier

Backstage Pass

Your Backcountry Pass to Big Bend

Embrace your inner cowboy. Whether you’re hitting the trail on horseback or riding in an authentic covered wagon you will catch a rare glimpse of Big Bend. Seeing a side that few tourists ever have.

Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park are known to hold some of the most stunning, beautiful, and expansive public lands in America.


What is less well-known is the beauty of the surrounding private lands.


Some parts were even intended to be part of the park by the ‘Father of Big Bend National Park’, Everett Ewing Townsend. For decades the beauty of this area has been a ‘local’s secret’. Many of the locations even more rugged and remote than those in the parks.

From a journey up the slopes of Christmas Mountain, to endless views of rugged desert terrain, to gazing down the cliffs of Terlingua Creek. Our guides will take you across a ranch with 190,000 acres of splendor. 

Experience The Desert
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Discover The Desert Through The Eyes Of A Local

Our guides are deeply entrenched in the Big Bend. Pam Gordon — Owner of Into The Frontier — is known in the area as the ‘Mayor of Jackass Flats’. Just don’t let her hear you say that…


She and her crew each possess extensive knowledge of the land, its history, and its past inhabitants. The geology and folklore of the area, as well as the native flora and fauna. They might even let you in on some local gossip! 


For those who desire an authentic West Texas experience, there are no better guides. Pam and her guides have a combined century of experience handling horses professionally, as well as teaching people to ride them. It’s hard to imagine a situation arising on the trail they aren't prepared to handle.

The Horses

Our Horses Will Keep You Safe on the Big Bend Trails

If the whole town can’t ride ‘em, no one can. Pam’s personal string of horses know this desert like the back of their hoof. We'd trust them with our own children.


In fact, they have had the honor of teaching countless beginners and children in the area how to ride. It's safe to say these horses have been around the block… and canyon… and mesa…

Each one is like a member of our family. That’s why while some of our policies (No open-toed boots or tennis shoes) are here to protect you, others (NO SPURS) are meant to protect them. We love them and will not tolerate any mistreatment of them. 


This relationship is what allows us to safely take riders with even minimal experience on such amazing trail rides. With just a brief introductory riding lesson.

Find Yourself in the Middle of Nowhere

There’s nothing like the solitude of Big Bend. The remoteness of the rugged desert and immense skies humble those who step foot in it. There’s little to no cell reception, no gas stations for an 82-mile stretch, and very few other passersby. This rare opportunity to unplug is a huge part of what makes this area so special. Prepare for a tranquil ride. Without any of the distractions of your day-to-day life.

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Unforgettable Experiences


Horsedrawn Wagon Tour

From $150 per person

(max 6)

Private Horseback Tour

$225 per person

(max 4)

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